With over 15 years experience issuing ETA visas and over 140,000 happy customers, visas4oz.co.uk is a name you can trust!

Who are Visas4Oz?

We are the original visa service for Australia. The company is run by John & Fiona Mahon who between them have 30 years experience dealing with the Australian Government for visas. John worked with the Australian Government during the implementation of the ETA holiday visa system and helped set up visa units for the travel company Trailfinders. John issued one of the first ETA Australian Holiday visas in the UK on 10 January 1998 and has issued many thousands since!

Why are you so cheap?

Working from our office in Cheshire with a small number of core staff using secure hi-tech equipment means we do not have the overheads of a high street operator and savings are passed on to our clients be they general public or travel agents. We offer a saving of up to 78% when compared with other suppliers.

Will my information be secure?

Yes – totally secure, we use the same equipment and computer programmes as the major travel agents and airlines. Information is stored on a secure server with back up. We are registered with data protection agency – registration number Z1093860. Check our security policy

How quickly will my visa be issued?

Standard issue time is within 24 hours. *longer at weekends and state holidays

Are you registered?

Yes, we are registered with the UK Government and Data Protection agency. We are also registered with Nortel Networks and Travelport, and authorised to issue Australian Visas.

Are you registered with Data Protection?

Yes, click here to view.

What happens to my documents and information?

Your details are only used to obtain a visa for Australia they are NOT passed to any one else. Application details are ether deleted or shredded after fulfillment. Credit and debit card details are not passed to us by SagePay/Bank of Scotland, we are simply told that a payment has been made.

What are your opening hours?

09.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday and 10.00 to 14.00 Saturday. Contact via e-mail 24 hours.

Why is the answerphone sometimes on?

As a small company we sometimes have to leave the office unattended for a short time during the day. Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can (usually later the same day). Visas continue to be issued even if we cannot answer the phone.

Reference Number on ETA Visas

There is no reference number on an ETA Visa. On some Visas you are asked for a reference number from your last Australian Visa. The only reference on your ETA Australian Visa is your Passport Number, Nationality and surname which is unique to you. If you have any questions please contact us.

Email Safe Sender List

Emails from Visas4oz can occasionally be blocked by Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail or similar services, and redirected to the Junk mail folder of the your mailbox. To make sure all our emails reach you please add john.mahon@visas4oz.co.uk to your safe senders list.